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Thank you for your visit to my personal web site. Since December of 2010, I have been working for National Business Furniture in Milwaukee. I am working with the MIS team as we overhaul our order system and move it from Delphi to .NET. We are helping to make people more successful in their workplace. My current career objectives include application development, growing my skills to include .NET and becoming a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS).

I began my career in software development in 1999 working for for Custom Computer Services (CCS) in Waukesha WI. My role involved delivering specialized PC solutions to clients and developing PC software tools for resale. I also provided solutions such as UPS Online Tools, website enhancements, and utilities to the internal organization.

I maintain professional connections with active memberships in several user group including the Wisconsin .NET Users Group and the Milwaukee Software Process Improvement Network (SPIN). My degree in Management Computer Systems from UW-Whitewater has also give me a strong base to expand my skills from.

In addition to my professional life I have a few hobbies including riding my bicycle around town. I'm particularly addicted to riding on the Fox River bike trail through downtown Waukesha or taking the Galcial Drumlin Bike Trail heading west into the country side. When I'm not bicycling, I can be found playing chess at many of the local tournaments or at Waukesha Chess Club. I have also been involved in some volunteer projects including maintaining the website for Southminster Presbyterian Church where I am a member.