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High-Caliber Desktop Applications

Cellular Test Equipment Project

This was a project for a client that works with cellular communication companies. The goal of the software is to record and display information about the cellular network. Service providers such as AT&T and Sprint use the information to identify problems in their networks increasing customer satisfaction. My role in the project was to maintain software that processes information about the cellular network in both real time and playback mode. The software is required to log the data and display it in easy to understand charts and displays. This is the HI-Tech version of the Verizon Wireless question "Can you hear me now."

My accomplishments include:
  • Working with the client's developers and 3rd party software to display network information on a map.
  • Adding support for additional network protocols. (CDMA, GSM, iDEN)
  • Implementing the Heads Up Display (HUD) mode. In this mode the software can display data in large easy to read displays. This mode allows software to run from a min-pc on the customer's dash board while the customer is driving.
  • Bug fixes, performance improvements, and real time charts and graphs.

Custom Projects

Electric Energy Distribution Industry:
Several projects I have worked on involving interacting with settings and data from devices involving the electrical power system. These devices all use an RS-232 connection to update or retrieve settings and data. Options have also been added to support newer control types, update firmware, and provide a better user interface. I upgraded the original code base from Visual Basic 6.0 to Delphi fixing several issues in the process.

CCS IDE line of Products

I have provided extensive support to the GUI in the CCS C Compiler's IDE. Some of the enhancements and bug fixes to the text editor that have improved the user experience include spell checking comments, code folding, code completion, code insight, and an office style ribbon menu bar. I have also helped to maintain the the ICD-U software and utility programs.

CCS Email Application Update

CCS's Email application used a flat file system over windows networking. I updated the program to use a MySql database drastically improving speed while reducing network traffic.

CD Writing Application

This project provided on the fly CD writing based on sales requirements. CCS's ordering system requires that each customer gets a unique CD complete with licensing information, software ordered, and customer information. The application receives a list of files required and burns them to a CD.