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Website Projects

Tank Monitoring Project

I maintained an ISAPI web application written in Delphi for a valued client. The application allows for the client to provide its customers with an optimal amount of chemicals. The software uses a web interface to enter information about the customer's tanks in a database. In addition to the web interface, the application receives the amount of chemicals remaining from sensors in the field. The information is used to alert the client's customers about tank levels and refill their tanks in a cost efficient manner.  

CCS Web Site Update

I have made several improvements to CCS's website.
  • I modified a confusing product configuration dialog to provide easier options.
  • I made the site more dynamic giving sales and marketing greater ability to customize it reducing cost to both the marketing and engineering departments.

UW-Whitewater Online Academic Journal Index

As a project for a course in Systems Analysis and Design, I worked with a team of people to create a web based system of academic journals. The current paper based system goes out of date frequently and only references business-related publications. Authors of academic articles had a need to find a list of candidate journals for publication of their work.
The goals for the systems were:
  • Be accessible at any time from any place
  • Provide an easy and efficient method of searching for a journal.
  • Be easier to keep current than a printed system
  • Can be expanded to contain data on a broad range of journal types
The system could also be used to provide recognition and funding to the MCS department. We created this system using ASP, Access, Visual InterDev and Oracle Designer/2000.