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Projects / Technical Skills

I work for National Business Furniture (NBF) in Milwaukee and I am enjoying taking on projects to enhance the order system used by our sales and customer service departments. I'm also working to take ownership of the surrounding reports, applications and collaborating with the team as we move to a new .NET based system.

Before that I worked for Custom Computer Services (CCS), INC, doing everything from providing basic technical support, to migrating a Visual Basic application to Delphi, to working with both web applications and desktop applications. I've developed a knack for taking a systematic troubleshooting approach to solving complex problems.

My background is comprised of high-caliber stand alone desktop applications, website projects , and Cutting-edge applications using the internet and web services.


Professional Experience: Win32, Delphi, ISAPI, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, XML, HTTP, SQL, DBExpress, OBDC, object oriented programming, multithreading, diagnostic software, C++, COM, cellular network protocols and various charting and GUI components.

Educational Background: a BS in Management Computer Systems from UW-Whitewater. Skills with C++, Pascal, Assembly of the IBM 370, SQL, HTML, Delphi, Access, ORACLE Designer 2000, COBOL, JAVA, ASP, Microsoft Visual InterDev and business concepts.

Professional Exams Passed

TS: Microsoft .NET Framework - Application Development Foundation:
Passed October 11, 2010, Exam 70-536 is designed to measure knowledge of .NET development fundamentals and is not tied to a particular version of .NET. Exam 70-536 counts as credit toward several Microsoft certifications.

Brainbench Exam - C# Fundamentals:
Passed January 2010, Scored 4.09/5.0 (higher than 89% of other exam takers)
The test measures knowledge of programming in the .NET environment using C#. Designed for programmers, this test includes the following topics: Classes and Interfaces; Delegates; Grammar; Methods; Type Members, and Type System.

Brainbench Exam - C++ Fundamentals:
Passed January 2010, Scored 3.4/5.0 (higher than 55% of other exam takers)
The C++ Fundamentals test measures knowledge of programming in C++. This test includes the following topics: Access Checking, Basic Structure, Classes, Declarations, Declarators, Derivation, Exceptions, Expressions, Overloading, Special Member Functions, Standard C++ Library, Statements, and Templates.

Brainbench Exam - SQL (ANSI):
Passed February 2010, Scored 3.45/5.0 (higher than 65% of all other exam takers)
This test covers the following topics: Relational Database and SQL Basics, SQL Data Modification, SQL Queries, and Using SQL DML.

Brainbench Exam - OO Concepts:
Passed June 2010, Scored 4.01/5.0 (Scored higher than 97% of all previous exam takers)
This test measures knowledge of the most important aspects of object-oriented programming. Designed for both programmers and administrators, this test covers the following topics: Classes and Objects, Design Practices, Key Features of Object-Oriented Programming, Objects and Component Benefits, and System Architecture.

Brainbench Exam - JavaScript 1.5:
Passed June 2010, Scored 4.28/5.0 (Scored higher than 90% of all previous exam takers)
The test JavaScript 1.5 test measures knowledge of programming using JavaScript. Designed for experienced developers this test includes the following topics: Basic JavaScript, Flow Control, Functions, Core Objects, Objects, Events and Event Handling, Working with HTML, Regular Expressions, and General JavaScript.