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National Business Furniture (NBF)

Positon: Application Developer
Dates: December 2010 to Present
Specific Skills: Delphi 2005, Microsoft SQL Server 2005

NBF supplies approximately half a million companies and non-profit-organisations, including almost all Fortune 500 companies. The majority of customers are from the service sector which is growing above average. NBF's brands make up the Office Equipment Group (OEG) containing National Business Furniture, Alfax, Dallas Midwest, NBF Canada, and the web-only brand The group operates two warehouses in the USA and is part of TAKKT America.

NBF has a government selection with a GSA contract and was awarded a five-year Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) by the U.S. Department of the Navy. I am currently working in the MIS department performing development tasks with the order system.

  • Working with the team to support in the order system.
  • Reducing the number of bug and enhancement requests related to the order system.
  • Migrating a legacy faxing system to a new service provider.
  • Working with the team to support NBF Canada in the order system.
  • Modifying the order system to accommodate the Navy BPA contract type.
  • Working with the MIS team, Accounting, and Logistics to migrate a legacy warehouse management system to a new system.
  • Working with Advertising and Analytics, to improve a report to attach source codes to orders and include prospect customer information.
  • Working with the team & business professionals to collect user stories, understand business requirements, and recommend solutions.
  • Working with the team to overhaul the order system and move it from a Delphi to a .NET base

Custom Computer Services (CCS Inc.)

Positon: Software Engineer
Dates: August 1999 to December 2010

Specific Skills: Delphi (version 4, 5, 7, 2005, 2006, 2007), ISAPI, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, MySQL, XML, HTTP, OBDC, UDP, FTDI D2XX API/USB, RS-232, C++/ATL COM, UPS OnLine Tools (Shipping), WinINet, and ActiveX.

CCS, Inc. is a company specializing in embedded software and hardware. Product line consists of development tools for Microchip MCUs and DSCs, C compilers, prototyping boards, and programmers. CCS also offers custom engineering services and a line of embedded Ethernet devices, EZ Web Lynx. My role with the company involved developing software to run on the PC side of several solutions.

  • Serving as a dedicated developer for a client. The project stores and presents data received from the cellular network in real time displays. Companies such as AT&T and Sprint use this equipment to find and correct problems in wireless networks increasing reliability and sales.
  • Maintaining a web application for monitoring the chemical levels in storage tanks. The Delphi ISAPI web application receives information sent to it from the field and provides a user interface to update the database using OBDC. The customer's clients save money by refilling the tanks only when needed.
  • Delivering software used with the PICC line of products consisting of:
    • Delphi application level communication logic allowing software to work with debugger/programmer hardware for Microchip targets.
    • An IDE, debugger and editor.
    • Integration of the company's C compiler into MPLAB.
    • A Delphi software update utility.
  • Producing code for several internal systems supporting CCS staff including payroll, UPS shipping, and CD burning.
  • Migrating Visual Basic code to Delphi, upgraded applications to communicate with new hardware using RS-232 and maintaining the applications for an electric energy distribution industry client.
  • Undertaking projects related to the Custom Computer Services' osCommerce based web site using PHP, JavaScript, MySQL and HTML/CSS.
  • Providing technical support and troubleshooting advice for customers.

Muskego Parks and Recreation Department

Dates January 1995 to September 1998
Positions Held
  • Pool/Beach Supervisor (Site Supervisor)
  • Lifeguard
  • Swim Aide
  • Playground Assistant
  • Idle Isle Park Personnel (Parking lot attendant and Park manager)
Received the American Red Cross  Certificate of Recognition for Extraordinary Person Action for saving a human life. August 12, 1996