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University of Wisconsin Whitewater

Graduated: Spring of 1999
Major: Management Computer Systems
GPA: 3.23/4.0
Honors earned: Fall of 1996 and spring of 1997
Skills Learned:
  • C++, Pascal, Assembly of the IBM 370, SQL, HTML, Delphi, Acces, ORACLE Designer 2000, COBOL, and JAVA.
  • Ability to apply concepts in programming, client server, systems analysis and design, database systems, data structures and object oriented programming.
  • Ability to apply business concepts in areas such as accounting, statistics, and management.
  • Developed an ASP database system for the University using Visual InterDev and Access.
  • Arey Hall Council
    • Elected Arey Hall Council Programmer from fall of 1996 to spring of 1999. Planned social and educational events.
    • Participated on Orientation Team in fall of 1997.
  • Association of Information Technology Professionals fall of 1996 to spring of 1999.
    • Served on Internet Site Development Team from fall of 1996 to spring of 1997.
    • Served on the Resarch Team during spring of 1998.
    • Appointed Team Leader for the Communications Team in fall of 1998.
    • Elected Recording Secretary in spring of 1999.
  • UW-Whitewater Safewalk Spring of 1996 to Fall of 1996.
  • UW-Whitewater Swim Team. 1995-96 Season.
    • Served as Manager.
    • Received a Varsity Letter Award.

Muskego High School

Graduated: 1995
GPA: 3.0