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Applications Utilizing the Internet

UPS Shipping Interface Project

This project provided an interface from CCS's internal systems to UPS's web services. The interface allows for shipping labels to be generated transparently from the order information saving time and money.

CCS Update Manager

The update manager is a software program designed to help keep customers software update to date. The program interacts with a web interface to determine the latest products the customer is eligible to download. The software then can download the update while displaying adds selected by marketing. Keeping products up to date will reduce technical support costs while increasing customer satisfaction.

EZ-Web Lynx IDE

I provided development support for the IDE for interacting with EZ-Web Lynx new product line. EZ Web Lynx is a simple embedded Ethernet integration device that allows for customer's products to be accessed by a web browser. The software uses a UDP connection to locate, change settings, and update web pages on the EZ-Web Lynx device. It also provides a basic HTML editor with a simulator for the custom HTML tags.


Chess2Web is a personal project I started working on using the .NET framework. The goal of the project is to create a .NET / ASP.NET application for viewing chess games on-line. The demo is available. The application uses:
  • Delphi.Net assembly for resolving the starting and ending squares for a given move.
  • C# assembly for reading PGN data files and generating the common output.
  • C# assembly for interacting with the library.
  • C# Windows Forms application for providing user interaction when importing data files and providing a preview mode for viewing games in a Webbrowser control locally.
  • JavaScript client side control.
  • ASP.NET Web Interface for on-line searching and database access from the website.
  • Delphi.Net Unit Test
  • C# Unit Test